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What emerges if you see a Business as a Person

In order for us to fulfil our potential, we need to understand ourselves.  

It’s the same for organisations. 


The metaphor of Business as a Person allows organisations to bring critical thinking and emotional intelligence to how they behave, both internally and externally.  This is critical and valuable for businesses at any stage of their journey.

It’s a framework for conversations that bring teams together to explore your organisation's identity, purpose and positioning, or to help you think about your responses to any challenges or opportunities you're facing.

And through this process you’re not just gaining strategic insights, but a catalyst for engaging your team and transforming your business.

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Why do it?

What is it?

How does it work?

It can be used as part of Strategic Reviews, offering a different lens for looking at different facets of your business.  It's a refreshing way of generating insights around strategy, change, culture and people, and provide a way of surfacing views from a cross-section of your organisation.


It's a series of conversations bringing your team together to explore your business in terms of these "human" aspects: 

  • Character: personality, voice, qualities

  • Relationships: internal, external, wider

  • Life: history, experiences, stage of development

  • Mind: knowledge, wisdom, insight

  • Psyche: spirit, imagination, aspiration


​Considering each of these in turn means you see your organisation as a connected whole, allowing you to make meaningful changes that ripple through everything you do.

  1. We start with an initial consultation to understand where you are as a business and what you’re looking to achieve or explore.  

  2. We tailor the process and our team to fit your needs, mapping out a series of group / one-to-one sessions to stimulate rich thinking throughout the business

  3. We collate insights into a report which is presented to stakeholders

  4. In some cases we will work with you to develop recommendations as part of the report, or as a follow-on piece of work together

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