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My Background

I introduced fantasy football to the UK in 1991, leading Fantasy League for three decades as it established the concept into the mainstream and football culture.

Through seismic changes in media and technology, it was about creating a business that was able to adapt and evolve; developing newspaper, radio, TV and digital game formats for partners including the BBC, Telegraph, Sky Sports, Barclays and Vodafone.

It was a journey that taught me what it takes to build and nurture a resilient business and team culture.  Equally it has given me the perspective to understand the importance of remaining connected to what matters most and what is uniquely yours - as a business, as a team and as a leader.

Since 2019 I have been coaching leaders and teams to help them find where these anchors land for their businesses and for themselves as individuals.


My approach brings together my professional experience with my training as a coach at INSEAD and the AoEC, along with an understanding of psychotherapy that includes the Foundation Course at the Society of Analytic Psychology.  

From leading a business, I bring rigour and structure, from my training I bring a strong grounding in coaching principles and practice, and from my lived experience I bring a growing self-awareness through psychotherapy, men's groups and a career that's taught me the value of knowing and trusting oneself.

Some further background here:

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