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Stimulating the creative potential within businesses






I work with businesses that want to grow and respond to change in a coherent way. 

The work might be in reviewing strategic opportunities or downstream supporting a process of transformation by enabling leaders and teams to work more effectively.

The process is most impactful when the business has a clear understanding of itself and can create a connection between its own ambitions and the ambitions of its people.


This means working in a joined-up way, linking the business and human perspective so that change or growth is managed in a conscious and coherent way.

//  Gain a clear understanding of what the business is, and isn't 

//  Become more self-aware of your business’s identity and potential 

//  Explore how your purpose and future success connect 

//  Manage scaling or transformation with insight and coherence

//  Build a structure, leadership and teams that are able to evolve

//  Pay attention to your purpose, culture, people, behaviours

//  Develop reflective leaders who are more aware of themselves and their impact


//  Get better at articulating what they do and why they do it

//  Become aware of what holds leaders back - and brings them forward

//  Bring teams "into conversation"; foster trust and respect

//  Enable teams to explore their identity, values and behaviours 

//  Ensure team members’ work has meaning and impact

//  Understand the dynamics within and across teams

//  Build relationships, discover the “glue” between teams


//  Explore and define what collaboration means

Sometimes we create Campfires, bringing teams together for conversations that get to what’s important, finding connections and insights to create meaningful change.


My three-decade journey leading a business has taught me how important it is for businesses to know who they are so that they can evolve in the right way. 


This is the foundation of a pilot framework called The Human Organisation that uses this metaphor in a process enabling businesses to become more self-aware and coherent in everything they do.

We start with a discovery conversation to understand where you are as a business. From this we create an approach to fit your objectives, mapping out a series of
one-to-one / group sessions to stimulate the thinking you need.

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