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The Human Organisation

In order for us to fulfil our potential, we need to understand ourselves. 


It’s the same for organisations. 


By using the metaphor of a Business as a Person we can enable companies to bring critical thinking and emotional intelligence to how they behave, both internally and externally.

It’s a framework for group conversations that help you more deeply and fundamentally understand your business, providing you vital perspective and insights around strategy, transformation and culture.


And through this process you’re not just gaining valuable insights, but a catalyst for your team to meaningfully engage with the business, to become more part of it.

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Why do it?

How does it work?

This is for businesses that are reviewing their strategy or brand, responding to growth / change or needing to re-energise.  It offers a refreshing, creative way of looking at your business and brings your team closer to the process and the business.


We bring your team together for a day of conversations and workshops where they are stimulated to explore and relate your business against these six "human" aspects: 

  • Body: appearance, health, what you embody

  • Character: personality, voice, qualities

  • Relationships: internal, external, wider

  • Life: history, experiences, stage of development

  • Mind: knowledge, wisdom, insight

  • Psyche: spirit, imagination, aspiration

Out of the process you’ll receive a report on the business’s health against each of the six aspects, along with insights, areas of focus, team sentiment and a identification of where you are most consistent / inconsistent.

What do you get out of it?

Strategy >

Gain a deeper understanding of the business; what’s working, what’s not

Become more self-aware of the business’s identity and potential 

Unearth fresh opportunities from a different way of thinking

Transformation >

Establish more clarity about who you are in the face of change Manage transition with greater insight and coherence

Bring people and teams along with you

Culture >

Understand organisation as an interconnected organism  
Encourage human insight, critical thinking, emotional intelligence 
Get “in conversation” with one another

People >

Bring people closer to the organisation and to one another
Allow individuals to find their place in teams and the business 
Make the organisation more “human

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