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Group Coaching

As many of us work more and more on our own, we need to others to help us think with perspective about our businesses and careers.

Coaching groups bring a group of people together, meeting regularly to bounce ideas and support one another on work-related issues.  

I assemble coaching groups comprised of peers who are in similar situations; e.g. business leaders, consultants or those transitioning to a new phase of their career.  
It offers you the chance to work in a close-knit group with others who share similar challenges, but who can offer smart and objective input.

Over time, your group will give you a trusted place to take stock, with regular meetings in the diary you’ll have peace of mind that this crucial space is set aside each month.

As part of a group, you will find:

  • Time to focus on what’s important - for your business / your career / yourself

  • Somewhere to realise important goals, to get a clear sense of direction and purpose

  • Somewhere to bring difficult decisions and vet solutions, to reduce uncertainty

  • Smart minds to bounce ideas and brainstorm; helping you to make better decisions

  • Clarity from feedback that's free of bias or conflict of interest, broadening and challenging your thinking

  • A space to think out loud; to be listened to, recognised, challenged, inspired

  • A shared understanding with peers who are in similar roles or situations

  • Somewhere to share experiences, ideas, contacts and resources; to build new relationships and partnerships

The combined wisdom of a group - stronger than the sum of its parts - offers you a unique space to focus on what matters most, and the support and resources to move towards it.

Contact me via if you'd to explore joining a group.

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