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Guiding Leaders & Businesses to tap into what sets them apart

I help leaders and businesses become more self-aware so that they’re able to realise their full potential.  


Although I bring 30-years’ experience of leading a business, my approach is about enabling clients to tap into their own knowledge, creativity and instinct. 


We work in the areas that are most important – balancing personal discovery with a sharp focus to make practical, meaningful changes.


I also create “Campfire conversations”, bringing teams together to build connections by sharing ideas around important topics for their business.

Becoming more purposeful and more fully yourself

I introduced Fantasy football to the UK in 1991, steering Fantasy League for three decades as it established itself into the mainstream and fabric of football. 


From this journey, I came to understand how vital it is to remain connected to what matters most and what’s uniquely yours - as a business, and as a leader.  


Since 2019 I have been coaching Founders and CEOs, helping them to find where these anchors land within their work and their lives as a whole.

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