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Connecting the potential of leaders, teams and businesses

I bring three decades experience of evolving a business - and as a leader - to guide CEOs and organisations in flux around vision, strategy and change.


For your business, this might be about how to manage growing pains, deal with shifting environments or re-energise yourselves.  As a leader, perhaps it will be how to get clearer on strategy, impact or relationships.  Your teams might need to improve difficult dynamics or foster a more collaborative atmosphere where people feel more connected to the business and one another.

Creating this connection between the ambition of the business and its people is often an important step in helping you become more purposeful and more yourselves in everything you do.

Building on the experience of my journey

I introduced fantasy football into Europe in 1991, leading Fantasy League through three decades of shifting media and technology.  

This meant building a strong identity and culture from which we built a uniquely loyal subscription business and an agency that provided games to media owners and brands around the world.  It also gave me a deep, lived experience of the journey of a founder and CEO.

Since 2019, I've been working as a coach and consultant, including a training at INSEAD, which has given me a deeper psychological and organisational understanding to bring in supporting leaders and their businesses.

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