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Guiding Leaders & Businesses towards what's most important

I coach leaders at different stages of their journey, providing them a space to take stock, to explore, to find clarity.


Although I bring 30-years’ experience of leading a business, my approach is about enabling clients to tap into their own knowledge, creativity and instinct. 


We work in the areas that are most important – for the business and for you - balancing personal discovery with a sharp focus to make practical, meaningful changes.


I also bring teams together for “Campfire conversations" to connect and share ideas around around strategy, change, culture and people.  

Taking time to tap into whatever you need

I introduced Fantasy football to the UK in 1991, steering Fantasy League for three decades as it established itself into the mainstream and fabric of football. It was journey as challenging as it was rewarding, where I learnt as much about leading a business as I did about myself.

From this journey, I came to understand how vital it is for leaders to have the time and space to take stock of what they’re facing and to tap into what they need - for their businesses, for their teams and for themselves. 

This is what brought me to coaching and what I aim to bring to clients when working together.

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