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Connecting the potential of leaders, teams and businesses

I help leaders, teams and businesses to become more purposeful and more themselves in everything they do.


Through three decades of leading a business, I’ve seen that if you’re able to connect the ambition of the business with that of its people, you can achieve great things.


Now as a coach and consultant I work in a joined-up way with leaders, teams and businesses so that they can tap into their potential and grow together in a coherent and meaningful way.

A journey that taught me the value of perspective

I introduced Fantasy football to the UK in 1991, steering Fantasy League for three decades as it established itself into the mainstream and fabric of football. 

This journey taught me the value of perspective - of time away from the day-to-day to find clarity around the short, medium or long term.
From first-hand experience I've seen how valuable it is when it's there, and how tough it can be when it's not.

Since 2019, I've been working as a coach and consultant providing this vital refection space for leaders, teams and businesses.

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